I started playing drums when I was about 14-15 years old. By the time I was in high school we were playing nearly every night of the week. With an exclusive contract for a few years at Quonset Naval base, and The Seabee Base in Davisville, Rhode Island, we also played everything from Weddings, Dances, parties, clubs, Etc. We rarely had a night off throughout my junior and senior years…. Lord knows how I managed to graduate in 1972, as I never did homework “I had no time for that”,,, and was a true “acid – dropping” Hippie who smoked and drank daily in and out of school. After my VERY SHORT enlistment in the Rhode Island Army National Guard, (Artillery) and subsequent Honorable Discharge just SHORT of the 6 months minimum for benefits, I took up running a small sound system, and eventually began once again to play drums. Playing drums in “Springwater” was a challenge because after my short period in the Military service, my life changed drastically. Managing to maintain my musical career proved a little too difficult as a drummer because my level of concentration was increasingly abstract and my playing resulted in “way too much improvisation within the context of the cover tunes.” Therefore, my best decision to make was stepping down as drummer and becoming the bands sound and lighting tech. Springwater evolved into a Kick–Ass Rock and Roll (cover tune) Band, Going on the East Coast club circuit from Maine to Florida. As the Disco era began, the band changed its name. “Sundance” soon began a similar circuit up and down the East Coast doing the LIVE DISCO music, which I met many different types of people who it turns out were a whole new crowd for me. (He he he …. Eventually meeting a beautiful woman while in Upstate New York, @ Sky Harbor Lounge in 1975, and after a another year or so, gave up that position and they hired “Two” guys to replace the Job I did; taking care of Both Lights and Sound.
My business career began then doing local club’s stage lighting and for various bands. Newport’s Bourbon Street nightclub was a great venue where I was hired by local Promoters to do lighting for such bands as “Susan” and “Dick Manitoba and the Dictators.” I was actually contracted to do lights for “Boston” (yes the band) at Bourbon St. but they canceled within the two week window because they went from being scheduled to play there to the providence Civic Center, as their album soared to the top amazingly fast.
Eventually I gave up my lighting company and tried to settle down and raise a family. Guess I was not ready for that, my marriage lasted a year. My X left me hanging in Limbo, GONE- “OUT of State” with my daughter. While this was devastating there were other issues going on in my life compounding my creative lull until a few years later I began as sound man once again, but my Spirit called me to create music myself. I began a solo career actually in 1976 but it didn’t pan out for many years. I had my first gig as “Irp Snerple and The messiahs” at a Bi-Centennial for East Greenwich R.I. (not sure the year, I’d guess 1978 maybe)
It wasn’t until the Late Tony Picerne got me interested in forming an original band, and I played a few instruments then. My Real Solo work began to take shape in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.
With his guidance I began playing open mic’s around the state, and had began getting a following, but once again my life’s circumstances changed and I put my music on the back burner. It wasn’t until (I think) around 2002-3 when I met a friend of my father’s who was actually 80 years old, and we became a couple for a good 3- 4 years.
That was some great times of my Life. We were a regular Mutt & Jeff type…lol. She encouraged me to play more and did help access the equipment I needed to begin recording once more.
Many of my best recordings were made on a Boss BR1183 CD….. The best digital unit I have ever seen and used.
So here we are today as I play and play and play. I don’t do many gigs because my song list has been shortened from lack creative spouts. I did begin however, to spew forth new ideas in the last few years and I’m ready to DO IT. Just play and play and play.
I am going back to where I used to “was” – when a buzz was just a buzz – and I could roll all night and never get uptight. I’m Back to where I used to be, when dreams where real and reality was the key. With Old habits broken and new ones to form,,,,,,,, the book will be opened even if the pages are torn.
“WISDOM, EMPATHY, HOPE, LOVE, PEACE, TRUTH, FORGIVENESS COMPASSION- LIFE” – Herb Anthony, aka: Irp Snerple, Rabble Rousing Pleiadian Dragon/Lion.

It’s good to be back with my original pen name / stage name / nick name .,.,.,.,., Irp Snerple .,.,.,.,. My legal name is Herb Anthony. From the bloodline of Susan B Anthony, Henry Bowen Anthony and even the 16th Century, Dr. Francis Anthony, London, (16 April 1550 – 26 May 1623) was a … “Sacred to the memory of the worthy and learned Francis Anthony, Dr. of Physick, look here –


Now when it comes to myself,,,, “the real Herb behind the smoke (no mirrors) from the herb I just exhaled, is very Eclectic Musical Genius –

I never studied music nor any of the other sub categories in the field of music art and literature. However, I have studied LIFE and am always in constant Zen, which lets my mind be free to be open, causing my awareness to expand 360* in every direction, so I am aware of all goings on within & outside “the within” which is the area of my peripheral environment both in this physical realm and those beyond the Spiritual Realm into esoteric “ether realm.”

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